dear friends...

Dear Friends,

First, we wanted to thank you so much for all the love and support you've shown us today. We truly feel so lifted up, and are so grateful for all of you.

I am so very sad to report that the damage is extensive. COCO has water and smoke damage and IBB smoke damage. All of our back stock areas in the vaults and basement are also affected.

For both stores, this means all of our inventory is lost. You will see our websites closed for this reason. If you had an online or local-pickup order still in our hands, our amazing managers Megan (for IBB) and Abi (for COCO) will be getting in touch with you.

We have an amazing professional cleanup service currently working in both spaces. At first when I met them I asked if they would be our elves. After seeing how they attack the projects, I realized I needed to upgrade those titles to angels. Their teams are working tirelessly to assess each project and help us get back into each space as quickly as humanly possible.

We do still have several orders en route that were not affected. For IBB we will figure out a way to get those items (especially the Tula Free-to-Grows) stocked. New COCO inventory will safely live in my dining room (for those who have followed COCO for a while and know the past story of inventory stored in our dining room, you can share a quiet chuckle with me here).

Both stores will remain closed until we announce otherwise. We truly appreciate all the thoughts and prayers and happy sparkles you can send our way. Our stores are what they are thanks to our amazing communities, and we cannot wait to have two giant parties with you all when we open our doors to begin this new chapter.

Much Love,
Abby & Mark